Slow Fifth Lake

Is a wonderful way of enjoying the walk at your own pace!

El Cinquè Llac Slow has been designed for those who want to walk 16-18 km in 4-6 hours. It’s ideal for people who like to take photographs, meet and talk to local people, and enjoy a relaxed picnic en route: all this with the transfers incorporated to make this option just that bit gentler. The Pre-Pyrenees is a very little known territory of Catalonia but it is ideal for enjoying walking around the nature, the tranquillity and the nostalgia.

We invite you to get on the panoramic Lake Train and enjoy an exceptional trip from the Lleida plain to the foothills of the Pyrenees. There are four lakes located along the route. Sant Llorenç de Mongai, Camarasa, Cellers and Sant Antoni.

The Fifth Lake, which gives its name to the route it is the one which we find making this circular hiking trail mid-mountain, it is accessible to all kinds of mountain lovers. This route is signposted and divided into 5 stages of between 4 and 6 hours of low technical difficulty. Along the 105 km. we will overcome the changing orography that the nature offers to us. We will enjoy one of the most amazing parts of the Pyrenees, and we will end up discovering the mysterious and poetic Lake Moncortés. An enchanted lake which is the setting for beautiful legends.


location Pallars Jussà, Catalonia
Activity duration (in hours) 4 -5 hours
effort – physical demands
Skills required (beginner, intermediate, advanced) intermediate
Difficulty level (very easy, easy, easy
Languages Spoken spanish, english, german, french, italian
Type of route: in star ( stay diferent nights at the same accommodation) or circular (every night in a different accommodation) selectet rural houses
Elevation change / total ascent (climb, descent) climb 3.529m, descent 3.765m
Total distance  62km
Walking hours per day 5 days
Self guided with roadbook or guided? self guided with roadbook
In case of guided : Minimun group size 6 persons
Maximum group size 10 persons
Number of nights and accommodation 6 nights
Type of meals: HB, FB, B&B, picnic… Full board
Assitance phone number (24h) 00 34 609 700 744
Insurance included? yes
Luggage transfer included? yes
Nearest airport Barcelona / Lleida
Nearest railway station La Pobla de Segur
From 646€