The Devil’s Bridge and the Fifth Lake

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This route takes you to sites of great beauty in one of the least known parts of the Pyrenees, where you can discover both abandoned villages and villages still full of life, and enjoy the stories and the legends that talk of how people survive in the heart of these mountains.

The walk will allow you to meet local crafts people and discover a cuisine that evokes traditions that go back many generations. You will also enjoy a well-deserved rest in the charming local hostelries whose owners profess as two of their guiding principles good hospitality and a respect for the local way of life.

Self guided walking break in the Pyrenees

location Pallars Jussà, Catalonia
Activity duration (in hours) 6 – 7 hours
effort – physical demands
Skills required (beginner, intermediate, advanced) intermediate
Difficulty level (very easy, easy, easy
Languages Spoken spanish, english, german, french, italian
Type of route: in star ( stay diferent nights at the same accommodation) or circular (every night in a different accommodation) selectet rural houses
Elevation change / total ascent (climb, descent) climb 3.766m, descent 4.173m
Total distance 71,2 km
Walking hours per day 3days
Self guided with roadbook or guided? self guided with roadbook
In case of guided : Minimun group size 6 persons
Maximum group size 10 persons
Number of nights and accommodation 4 nights
Type of meals: HB, FB, B&B, picnic… Full board
Assitance phone number (24h) 00 34 609 700 744
Insurance included? yes
Luggage transfer included? yes
Nearest airport Barcelona / Lleida
Nearest railway station La Pobla de Segur